SAIE3: 8 doors in the future

28 January 2013

SAIE3, the international exhibition of windows, doors, shutters and finishings for interiors and exteriors, Bologna Exhibition Center, from February 28 to March 2, continues to present ideas and initiatives that can combine high-profile cultural aspects with the exhibition ones. In this respect a strong synergy was created between the contents of Beppe Severgnini’s latest book “Italiani di domani – 8 porte sul futuro” (“Tomorrow’s Italians – 8 doors on the future”) and the exhibition.

The ideas, the values, the inputs that can be found in “Italiani di domani – 8 porte sul futuro” will be the focus elements and protagonists of SAIE2 and the 8 Ts developed in the author’s book – Talento, Tenacia, Tempismo, Tolleranza, Totem, Tenerezza, Terra, Testa (in English: Talent, Tenacity, Timing, Tolerance, Totem, Tenderness, Earth, Head) – will become its guidelines, actually turning them into parts of the exhibition, as entrance to the show and a common thread to the event.

This is because by trespassing every door the visitors and operators will find themselves before the installations of Futurdesign 2013, the part of the show where the Future is the absolute protagonist, curated by the bigs of international architecture and design, such as Daniel Libeskind, Karim Rashid, Marco Lodola, Andrea Branzi, Giulio Cappellini, Guillermo Mariotto, and a revival of “Ci vediamo a pranzo da me” by Lucio Dalla, one year from his death, a personal interpretation of the famous “Last Supper”.

The 8 doors on the future, together with Futurdesign’s installations, will take on a symbolic aspect, but also meaningful, high-impact and visible. Many exposing companies were involved to realize this project, to create a link between one important cultural event and the commercial fair show, in order to provide a stimulating opportunity to show their products.

“8 porte sul futuro” a whole event inside the event, is the exhibit that serves as a symbolic entrance and center of the entire exhibition. There are eight passages, eight keys to open eight doors whose hinges, symbolically and in practise, will be the culture and creativity of the companies in the field.

“Behind the eight doors we do not necessarily find success. But for sure there is a better life. And Italy”
Beppe Severgnini